ElasticSearch Log plugin for NopCommerce

Sometimes you would like to store log events in separate database or event in separate enviroment. If you plan do pro active monitoring your nopcommerce solution. You can use this plugin which enable to store log on Elastic Search server.  You can also do something more and use kibana for analyze log data.

Before you can install logging plugin you should install Elastic Search server.  There is a MSI installer package available on https://www.elastic.co/downloads/elasticsearch.  So it´s very easy. At First you need to download MSI install packeage and install it. After you successfuly installed Elastic Search server you should be able to call localhost:9200 or address which you configured during the instalation process. If you are not familiar with instalation you can check instalation tutorial here.


If you can see same result as it’s on picture, that’s mean you successfully installed elasticsearch server. After it we can install NopCommerce plugin. On plugin configuration page you can set up Elastic Search Server url and default index for storing log informations.



Definitely I can recommend to you to visit project kibana. That is the right place where you can find out more ideas how can you improve pro active logging system.  Plugin is delivered also with source code. I integrated just basic functionality but you can extend it as you want. Propably for most scenarious will be the best to create new entity which inherent from nopCommerce Log entity. So You can store in elastic search much more informations.



Note : After uninstall this plugin is necessary to remove it manually from plugin folder.